July 21, 2014 Press Release - Queen Of The Wobble

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“Queen Of The Wobble” is a new Line Dance song with Hip Hop sensibilities intertwined with a hint of Go-Go! Accompanied by a foot friendly dance entitled: “The Wobble Supreem”

Rapper and Front-man Supreem brings something new to the Line Dance community with his band: Supreem and The New Experience

On July 29, 2014, Supreem and The New Experience will release a new Line Dance song entitled: “Queen Of The Wobble”

Supreem was at a party 3 years ago and heard the original "Wobble" by Super Star VIC and people started forming a line to do the"Wobble dance. Supreem ask the DJ what was going on? The DJ showed him the instructional video from which he was playing the song. In the video they showed you how to do the Wobble dance while the song played in the background.

Supreem never learned the Wobble dance but loved how the song had an effect on people. So he started fantasizing about meeting and dancing with the hottest lady that could do the Wobble. But in his fantasy they were dancing to a song with a Go-Go feel! And then a hook came to him, "You’re the Queen of the Wobble and I like your Shake!" And the rest of the story and lyrics came afterwards!

To complete the vision of this song, Supreem enlisted the services of Chuck Treece, whom he wanted to do a song with ever since David Ivory got him to play drums on the band's last project. He told Chuck he was a big Chuck Brown fan and he developed the groove and vibe that Supreem was looking for. They went to Ivory Productions to record the song and enlisted the production services of David Ivory to add some key touches. Chuck Treece enlisted vocalist Olivia Falcione to sing the hooks with Supreem. Then Supreem enlisted the talents of his long time DJ, Xzotic D., to add the cuts, and live horns to accent the feel of the song.

The new video for "Queen Of The Wobble" embodies the exact story and visuals that played in his mind over and over again.

Supreem and the New Experience’s “Queen Of the Wobble" is being released on the SNE Records label and will be available at supreemandthenewexperience.com and all major distribution outlets including iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. Supreem and The New Experience is currently finalizing tour dates for late summer and fall 2014. For more information about this project and/or to interview Supreem, contact Richard A. Waller III of Fanwave Media at pr.media@fanwavemedia.com or (888) 231-9431.