December 11, 2014 - Interview with Supreem Da Rezarekta' S.M.I.L.E.

Interview with Supreem Da Rezarekta' S.M.I.L.E. by Ralan Enterprises LLC Dec 11 Rapper and Front-man Supreem brings something new to the Line Dance community with his band: Supreem and The New Experience! As well as above, Supreem brings professionalism, knowledge, wisdom, & understanding with his craft. You may not know who he is but he is an example on how one should conduct business with your craft! S.M.I.L.E. Some Make It Look Easy! FUNK DAT! "People that don't work hard and think this business is easy or success is gonna fall out the sky on them. Mad at me because my hard work pays off and I make it look easy." WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Philly, Philly all day!! Born in West Philly, raised in Southwest Philly (Penrose) WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION? Performing live on stage for a live wild crowd of ladies and party people. WHAT DO YOU LIKE LEAST? The Politics of Pay To Play. If you good and are the best you should get the look, not the wack cat that's paying for the spot that you deserved. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THIS? I've been doing this since I was a teenager but my man Docta Shock said you ain't doing it for real until you release your first record. So I released my 1st single in 1996 with Da Regulaterz so I've been doing this professionally for 18 years. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? I'm very happy today, it's like I got my second wind and I'm better than I've ever been and I was good back then too. Lol IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME, WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY? Maybe take better care of Supreem a little more instead of focusing on my teams or my bands. I was loyal to a fault and I was always left high and dry to start all over by myself holding the short end of the stick. WHO DO YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR? People that don't work hard and think this business is easy or success is gonna fall out the sky on them. Mad at me because my hard work pays off and I make it look easy. WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? I chill out with my daughters Olivia and Justice, my family and my girl as much as possible when I have spare time. I also go to church every Sunday that I am in town and able to go. DO YOU DO ANY VOLUNTEER WORK? I have always volunteered my talent and time for great causes. Just recently, I've been performing at St Johns Hospice in Philly for their jam sessions to uplift the homeless brothers there. And I'm always teaching or performing for kids in the Philadelphia charter and public school system. HOW HAS AMERICA CHANGED IN THE LAST TEN YEARS? Technology and the way we communicate with each other and our fans. The internet and social media is the gift and the curse of the last ten years. HOW HAVE YOU CHANGED? I've gotten funkier! The music I make now and the way I flow is way more funkier than when I first started. With the bands that I've been in, the artist that I've met and worked with, and places I've toured, I've become more of a complete "entertainer". Now, I'm way more than just being a rapper or good MC. WHAT'S THE SIDE OF YOU THAT THE PUBLIC NEVER SEES? The calm cool me, people see me wild out on stage and are shocked to see me fall back and want to do nothing but be by myself, not even leave my room. HOW HARD DO YOU PUSH YOURSELF? Hard as I possibly can! And my manager Richard A. Waller III pushes me even harder especially when it comes to running my own label (SNE Records), promoting our releases and reaching the next level. He's like a great coach pushing me to a Super Bowl win, it ain't pretty or easy all the time but it's necessary. WHEN ARE YOU COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH YOUR WORK? I'm easy because I think it's hot as soon as I do it but I know it's great when I make my manager Rich get excited or smile. And that ain't easy to do at all. Lol WHY HAVE YOU SUCCEEDED IN A FIELD WHERE SO MANY OTHERS HAVE FAILED? In all these years, I never took a break and I never quit. So I'd have to say my faith that this going to happen and my persistence to make sure it happens is the key for me. As long as I'm going forward and upward, I might not ever stop. WHAT ABOUT THE INDUSTRY YOU DO NOT LIKE? I hate this follow the trend thing. If it works for one artist, why try and sign a thousand other cats that sound the same. Now the mainstream is filled with the same rappers, rapping the same song, over the same beats, on the same radio stations with the same playlist and formats. Thank god for the underground where variety and originality is still the bomb. WHAT'S THE MAGIC FORMULA FOR YOUR SUCCESS? Hard work and being surrounded by the right team and good people like my homie Mark Millz and my DJ, Xzotic D. who's been with me from the gate. DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A TEACHER OR PHILOSOPHER OR BOTH? Both because I'm still a fan and student of the game and I'm always willing to teach what I've learned. As far as being a philosopher, I've coin a few phrases and put my own spin on damn near everything I've done in the game from rapping, to tv, to movies, to being one of the baddest frontmen and showman to ever touch a stage. WHAT PUTS A S.M.I.L.E. ON YOUR FACE? Being the leader of my own band, Supreem & The New Experience, releasing our current single and video, Queen Of The Wobble on my own label, being a member of 144,000 Chosen Few Crew with my brother Judah Priest, being on the road again as a solo hip hop artist with my man Bruiz from Sewey Hole Fam and my girl Dezvixen, getting ready to release my next project which will be accompanied by a movie about me that features, my 144 Fam, my homegirl Whitney Peyton, Reef The Lost Cauze, Big Tal and being produced by my homegirl AMAC, these are the things that got me smiling right now. But most importantly, being in a position to take care of my family doing what I love really makes me S.M.I.L.E! SUPREEM AND THE NEW EXPERIENCE-QUEEN OF THE WOBBLE [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] HD Supreem! For Immediate Release: For"further information contact: Publicity: Richard A. Waller III at 888:231:9431 E-mail: For write ups, reviews, and other outsourcing contact: Ralan Also Freelance writer for Niji Magazine out of London England! #WORLDWIDESMILE! Other sources: View original blog post at